Dysport vs. Botox


Dysport and Botox are both types of botulinum toxin injections.
While used to treat muscle spasms in certain health conditions, these two injections are primarily known for the treatment and prevention of wrinkles.
The differences lie in the potency of trace proteins, which can make one more effective than the other.


Overall, both Dysport and Botox are considered safe for qualifying candidates. Common but temporary side effects can include slight pain, numbness, and headaches.
More moderate side effects include droopy eyelids, sore throat, and muscle spasms.
Although rare, Dysport and Botox can cause botulinum toxicity. Signs of this serious side effect include breathing, speaking, and swallowing difficulties. Botox also carries the risk of paralysis, though this is extremely rare.


Dysport and Botox treatments are extremely convenient. No hospitalization is required, and all work is done at your doctor’s office.
You can leave immediately after treatment and even go back to work if you feel like it.


The average cost of neurotoxin injections such as Dysport and Botox can be $400 per session. However, the number of required injections and the area of treatment dictates the exact cost. We discuss costs in detail below.
Dysport is less expensive than Botox on average.
Insurance doesn’t cover the cost of these types of cosmetic injections.


Both Dysport and Botox are considered safe and effective for the temporary treatment of moderate to severe wrinkles.
The effects of Dysport may show up sooner, but Botox may last longer.
Follow-up injections are necessary to maintain the results you want.

The biggest difference comes in the formulations of both injectables. Dysport is much more diluted and spreads quickly compared to Botox. This makes it great for larger surface areas like the forehead. Botox is much more potent, making it amazing for small areas and pesky wrinkles like Crow’s feet.

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