Product: Alidya™
Manufacturer: Ghimas S.p.A.
Active Substance(s) : Poliaminoacidic gel, a-D-(+) glucopyranose, 1-4 glycosidic, etilendiaminotetraacetic sodium, amino acid buffer system with bicarbonate-sodium corrector, osmolarity regulator
Pack Size: 5-340mg vials with powder + 5-10ml vials with solvent.
Accessories: Package insert

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What is Alidya

This agent is used on areas of the body that are developing cellulite, including the buttocks, thighs, stomach, and shoulders, to reduce its appearance and prevent it from further developing. Alidya is perfect for patients who are noticing the first signs of cellulite development and are looking to reduce cellulite, smooth the overall appearance of the skin, and reconstruct volume and enhance skin tension in areas affected by cellulite. Other than in the treatment of cellulite, this injectable solution is also indicated for use in post-liposuction treatment to correct the appearance of the skin, as well as in post-intralipotherapy treatment to correct changes to the adipose tissue.

Alidya is the first injectable device specifically indicated for the prevention and treatment of cellulite. It is applied by injection on multiple treatments that work as a lipolytic solution.


Used for:

Reduce the appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin
Improves the overall appearance of the skin
Helps prevent cellulite formation
Post-liposuction treatment to correct the appearance of the skin

Side Effects

There are some mild potential side effects associated with this treatment, and it is important to discuss the patient’s medical history as well as the effects they may experience prior to treatment. While Alidya can be used on many individuals, the manufacturer does list a number of contraindications, advising that this product should not be used on patients who: are pregnant or breastfeeding; suffer from severe kidney or liver diseases; have diabetes or thyroid disorders; suffer from blood diseases that may lead to excessive bleeding; or have a history of using blood thinning medicine. As this procedure is performed with a very thin needle, there is minimal pain involved, though patients who are very sensitive or are worried about pain may benefit from the use of a local or topical anaesthetic. All side effects should resolve themselves within a few hours of injection, and patients should be advised to contact their doctor if they experience any unexpected or prolonged effects.


Light to moderate redness at injection site
Temporary bruising and swelling at injection site (can be reduced via 5 minute massages 2–3 times a day)

How long does it last

The duration of the results will vary by patient and treatment area. Once the initial weekly treatments are complete, Alidya injections should be administered once a year to maintain the effect. The amount of initial treatment sessions as well as the longevity of the results will depend on the area being treated as well as the severity of the cellulite, and results may last longer or shorter depending on the patient’s age and lifestyle.

Who can get it

Patients over the age of 21.

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