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Personal Data from The Contact Form and Email Correspondence

When you contact us via email or using the contact form on our website, we require a certain minimum of information is provided to us. This includes your name, email address, but we potentially request additional information like phone number, you location, your business detail. Such information is necessary for you to respond to your inquiries like shipping time, shipping expenses, VAT application and others. Any personal information you provide to us in our correspondence is completely protected and never shared with third parties.

Google Analytics

Like most commercial website online, we are using services that analyze browsing and site usage of the visitors and customers to helps us improve our services. We have integrates Google Analytics into our website. The service will collect anonymous browsing data for your experience when vising our website. No personal data is collected by Google.

To give your privacy a better protection we have anonymized the last three digits of your IP address which prevents us our Google to track your exact location.

All data collected with Analytics is browsing related and not personal and is safely stored by Google. We guarantee it will not be sold or provided to third parties.

Data Sharing Policy

Our primary policy is to never share personal data we collect with third parties. The only personal information which will be handled by third parties is the necessary information you submit when paying with a credit or debit card, which will be processed by the checkout service provider.

Non-personal, site usage data is visible to Google who provide the Analytics service we use. However, they are not permitted to provide it to other third parties.

How Long Is Your Data Kept?

We will store personal details for no more than 3 years, if a user account has been inactive.

How Is Personal Data Provided?

Once you’ve made a request, we will send all the available personal information about you stored in our system to your email, using the integrated export tool. Personal information you have submitted in your system in your user account or in an order you’ve made, will not be available to third parties under any circumstances, only accessed and processed by our employees.

Please note, that when you make a user profile at our website, you’re required to provide a strong enough password and link your account to a well protected email account. Failing to do either may result in compromise of your personal data, which our company will not be held accountable for.

Our website is hosted on a secure server and we have taken of standard measures to provide a sufficient enough level of protection of our website and the information stored on our website.

Disclaimer.  makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to the web site, and without limitation, disclaims the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, usefulness, non-infringement, completeness, accuracy, and reliability.  All risks associated with use of the web site shall be born by you exclusively.


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