Teosyal® RHA 1, 2 x 1 ml


Product: Teosyal® RHA 1
Manufacturer: Teoxane
Active Substance(s): Hyaluronic acid, lidocaine
Pack Size: 2-1ml prefilled syringes
Accessory: Package insert, 4-30G 1/2

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What is Teosyal RHA 1

Teosyal RHA 1 is a wrinkle filler product based on hyaluronic acid designed to support the skin in every move, while helping to preserve the vitality and softness of the face. Teosyal RHA 1 is designed specifically to treat superficial and fine wrinkles. The product contains lidocaine, a powerful anaesthetic, for a more comfortable injection.

This world-class skin filler treats shallow wrinkles in the perioral and periorbital areas, décolleté, neck and forehead. These are the most mobile zones of the face and if treated with the wrong type of a product, the patient may experience loss of facial movement. But with Teosyal RHA I, results are always long-lasting and natural. As for the injection procedure itself, it lasts approximately 20-30 minutes and it is not painful since this top-notch soft-tissue filler is infused with lidocaine.


Used for:

  • superficial wrinkles in the perioral area
  • wrinkles on the forehead
  • wrinkles at the corners of the eyes
  • ring-shaped wrinkles on the neck
  • parotid and pouch wrinkles

Side Effects

Bruising and swelling can be commonly associated especially at the site of injection. However these effects resolve within 2 days.

How long does it last

Effects of most dermal fillers are temporary, since the ingredients will be gradually absorbed by the body. In general, cross-linked hyaluronic acid lasts longer in the body as it has been chemically modified. Teosyal RHA 1 lasts approximately 6 to 9 months, however individual results may vary. To maintain the results, inject Teosyal RHA 1 once or twice a year.

Who can get it

Teosyal RHA 1 is designed specifically to treat superficial and fine wrinkles for patients over the age of 21.

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