Belotero® Revive 1 x 1ml


Product: Belotero® Revive
Manufacturer: Merz Pharmaceuticals
Active Substance(s) : sodium hyaluronate
Pack Size: 1-1ml prefilled syringe

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What is Belotero Revive

The new hyaluronic acid (HA) filler works beneath the skin to improve skin hydration, reduce redness and roughness and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

Belotero Revive is applied via injection over multiple treatments working as a beauty booster and for an overall youthful radiance


Used for:

Provide hydration
Reduce the appearance of fine lines
As a preventative and early aesthetic intervention treatment
Slow the progression of facial changes over time

BELOTERO Revive is applied by injection to work beneath the skin. Here it provides direct hydration, thanks to the hyaluron and glycerol it contains. Prevention always beats a cure, which is why hyaluronic acid and glycerol helps with:

Limit wrinkle formation
Hydrate the skin
Redefine the skin structure, for a younger, more radiant look.
It does all this without drastic volume changes, but with a natural flair that keeps you selfie-ready at every instant! As a beauty booster, BELOTERO Revive can be injected over multiple treatments, giving you a youthful radiance from the inside out.

How long does it last

4 Belotero Revive was clinically assessed in a study involving 24 patients. Belotero Revive was injected into the lower cheek area of the face the treatment options have been tested in an observation period of over 36 weeks.

Who can get it

Patients over the age of 21.

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